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VideoTrainear updated to version 2.12.1


On Saturday, December 8, 2012, has been released a fresh version of Video Trainear, a handy and reliable application for Windows designed to sharpen listening comprehension, reading and spelling skills while watching favorite movies in any language one might want to learn.
In this version of Video Trainear the interaction between the program and video codecs was enhanced.

VideoTrainear version 2.7.2 released


MindX2 LLC proudly presents a new release of Video Trainear - a first-class gaming tool helping to train one's listening comprehension, reading and spelling skills while watching favourite movies.

New 2.7.2 version has a slightly perfected interface to work with words, new features - internal dictionaries, secondary subtitles displayed along with the primary ones. The latest working materials are now shown as images.

Generally, the application became more comfortable and quicker to use. This is a result of an optimized program engine, newly added context menus for screen objects. The popular commands now can be done with a couple of mouse clicks.
Revised interface enjoys more intuitive interaction allowing users to concentrate fully on solving word puzzles and listening comprehension.

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